As part of its AOSP (Android Open Source Project), Google unveils Microdroid, the ultra-light little brother of Android. This should facilitate the work of application developers and Google, and is primarily intended for use on virtual machines.

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You knew Android, but you will now have to rely on its little brother, Microdroid. Developed by Google, this new OS is very similar to Android, except that it is much lighter, but also that it is not really intended to be found as is on a smartphone, but rather on virtualization machines on Linux.

Before specifying the contours of Microdroid, a parenthesis is necessary concerning these famous “Virtual machines”. In computing, virtualization is similar to emulation, that is, a virtual environment detached from the rest of the system, but on which it is still run. To cite a few examples, we can mention VirtualBox or Parallels software for Mac, to name but a few, which allow you to run Windows in a single window instead of having to install Microsoft’s OS on a disk partition. hard. Cloud gaming services like Google Stadia or NVIDIA GeForce Now also use this process, just like Shadow which steams a real remote Windows 10 PC and displays it in a window of your device, or the countless emulators to play games. old video games on smartphone or PC.

So what could Microdroid be used for, if it is based on this principle? In reality, it shouldn’t be very useful for ordinary users like us, but rather useful for developers. Since Microdroid is devoid of many elements of Android, it can remain extremely light and facilitate the work of developers who would like to test an Android application on Microdroid, including virtualization. According to XDA DevelopersMicrodroid would also be useful for Google since this OS will allow it to perform tests and improve Android security. Note also that the latest high-end SoC from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 888, arrives with many tools dedicated to virtualization. Microdroid could therefore find further applications as soon as this chip becomes widespread in the world of smartphones. For more information about Microdroid, we invite you to consult the official AOSP website, where Google details this new super-light OS.

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