The market for processors and other SoCs has become a priority for the smartphone industry. And the Chinese electronics giants would like to stand on their own feet in this matter.

Mass access to microprocessors is a real problem right now for the smartphone industry, and this is obviously causing some major players in the market to react. Indeed, the Xiaomi and Oppo brands are seriously considering launching into the production of in-house SoCs for their next generations of smartphones.

An idea that is gaining ground

The very serious site Digitimes (via Android Authority) explains that the two Chinese giants would like to free themselves from the fold of Qualcomm and Mediatek by investing in the design of their 5G compatible processors. The idea seems to have gained ground since the first devices equipped with these SoCs could appear towards the end of the year or in 2022.

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Apple A14, the latest chip from the US. © Apple

The two Chinese firms would therefore take the same direction as their competitors, Samsung and Apple, who have made this bet for a long time already. Additionally, Huawei’s recent misadventures with the U.S. government may have helped sound the alarm bells in high places. Huawei has in fact lost the possibility of obtaining Kirin SoCs from TSMC because of the restrictions put in place during the era of President Donald Trump.

Breaking Free from the United States

By acting in the same way, the Chinese behemoths could emerge from the dependence of foreign manufacturers, especially American ones. Xiaomi had already attempted a foray in this direction with the Surge C1, a chip specializing in image processing (like Google’s Visual Core) that will be found in the next Mi Mix Fold. One way to start the process and send a clear message to other foundrymen. In addition, in-house semiconductor production could allow for better component optimization in the future, as Apple is proposing.

lazyload placeholder - What if Xiaomi and Oppo developed their own processors?  - Digital

The Mi Mix Fold. © Xiaomi

On the side of Oppo, the idea has also gained ground since rumors indicate that a project, soberly called “Mariana”, is already underway. Conglomerate requires, these “homemade” chips could also be found in the bowels of OnePlus and Realme.

Fashion therefore seems to be in-house production, and some industry players may have concerns, including Mediatek, which has experienced a meteoric rise thanks to the success of Chinese smartphones. This type of about-face can therefore lead to a paradigm shift in the industry.