A few days ago, Apple aroused astonishment by unveiling a mini version of its new iPhone. It was a pleasant surprise for the faithful of the brand, because the iPhone 12 Mini has everything of the ideal smartphone: a high-end technical sheet and a comfortable grip.

Well at 13cm high and 6cm wide, the little iPhone may soon be the source of a whole new trend in premium smartphone size. In any case, this is what Kantar, a British business intelligence company, claims that the iPhone 12 Mini could be setting a trend for small high-end smartphones.

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The iPhone 12 Mini could then completely shake up the smart flagship market where phablets currently reign supreme.

Why would it work?

The main argument put forward by Kantar is obvious: the company has indicated that nowadays, more than 12% of buyers choose their smartphone. "Specifically for the way it fits in their hand / pocket ".

This is precisely the kind of comfort offered by phones the size of the iPhone 12 Mini and its 5.4-inch screen. They fit perfectly in the hand!

To this is obviously added the technical sheet: a phone that is not too imposing, but which offers exactly the same features as the XXL versions, there is something to attract fans of flagships that they can discreetly slip into their pockets!

A mini iPhone that has it all

In any case, when it comes to the iPhone 12 Mini, everything suggests that Apple’s new smartphone will have a very bright future ahead of it. Indeed as Kantar explains, “IPhone 12 mini offers customers all of the latest 5G specifications and capabilities, but in a smaller package at a lower cost, in line with many areas of market growth. "

Embedding 5G particularly optimizes the chances of the mini iPhone, because as Kantar explains, "Among customers who plan to buy a smartphone in the next 6 months, at least 45% in all markets plan to buy 5G".

For those who plan to buy one, pre-orders for the iPhone 12 Mini have been announced for November 6, 2020, while the new smartphone will be available in stores on November 13.

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