What if Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff leave Mercedes together for Ferrari? – Sport.fr

Many rumors panic the web and send Lewis Hamilton, 2019 Formula 1 champion with Mercedes, to the opposing team: Ferrari. He is also said to have met the President of La Scuderia, to which he replied at a press conference.

"Everything that goes on behind the scenes must remain private (…)He started his answer before continuing. “For years I never considered other options, jI only wanted to drive (…) I went straight towards a unique route. I still think I'm on this road, there won't be much opportunity to change it. But I don't see the harm in looking aroundr (…) I know that Toto Wolff is also studying proposals for his future. And only he knows what is best for him. We will wait, I love where I am now (…) I think it is important and wise for me to ask myself and think about what I want, if it will be the last period or phase of my career. I want to keep winning". It remains to be seen who will take his place in the Italian team, if the rumors come to fruition …

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