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After Acura three years ago and Lexus a few months ago, it's now Infiniti's turn to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary.

As part of the program Le Guide de l'auto broadcast on QUB Radio, Antoine Joubert and Germain Goyer discussed the evolution of the three Japanese luxury brands since their creation with an emphasis on Infiniti.

In a burst of nostalgia, Antoine recalled the first models marketed in the North American market. "If we remember, on the Infiniti side, it was the G20 and the Q45. Two cars that were Nissan models sold in Japan, but were stupidly rebadged to sell here. "

Certainly, Infiniti does not have the wind in the sails at the moment. The situation is rosier than it has been elsewhere on the planet. To this end, Antoine remembers "that we tried to launch Infiniti on the side of Europe and quickly, we realized that it was a failure and we are gone. Infiniti is no longer sold in Europe or Japan. "

During the show, the two presenters also discussed the marriage between PSA and FCA, the abandonment of the Ford Flex and the Nissan Micra, the late arrival of the eighth generation Volkswagen Golf and the presentation of the system. Sync 4 from Ford.

They also give their impressions on the recently driven Ram 2500 and BMW M4. For his part, Antoine presents Germain with a completely redesigned way to calculate the costs of registering a vehicle with the SAAQ.

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