The personality tests they became the favorites of netizens in recent months. In social networks you can find all kinds and there is something for all tastes. In a few seconds they throw amazing results that leave thousands of people amazed and therefore, nobody wants to be left out when a new one of these challenges appears. Here we propose one that, in a very simple way, will allow you to know more about yourself.

Do you want to know how? Then you must observe the drawing and pay attention to your intuition. What you see at first glance will give you all the answers. Do not cheat! It is important to note that this test is still a game to combat boredom and that the results are not scientifically valid.

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Factory: you are someone very observant and you characterize yourself as a person with a great resolution capacity. You are very loyal and kind to everyone who crosses your path. When it comes to giving advice, you are the best and therefore your friends often come to you for guidance. You detest falsehood and hypocrisy. You do not mince words when you say what you think and therefore, you are an example to follow for many. You like challenges and are constantly looking for new adventures to test your abilities.

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Skull: you stand out for being a very rational person and always think cold before making any decision. You are very generous with everything you have and your family occupies a privileged place in your life, for them you are able to give everything. It’s hard for you to say no and this, repeatedly, has brought you big problems. You try not to prejudge those you don’t know and often put yourself in their shoes to understand what is happening to them. If someone hurts you, you forgive easily and don’t hold a grudge. However, without saying anything, you choose not to place your trust in that person anymore.