The personality tests and the psychological tests They have gained significant popularity on social media in recent months. The reason is clear: they are an excellent alternative to cope with boredom and also to get to know each other very simply and quickly. The amazing results that they throw in a matter of a few seconds leave millions of Internet users speechless. Therefore, here we propose one that will surprise you with what it reveals about your way of being.

Do you want to find out? All you have to do is draw and pay attention to the first thing your eye catches. There are all answers. Pay attention to your intuition and don’t cheat!

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Butterfly: you stand out for being a very observant person. You are a very perfectionist with everything you do and you are always attentive to all the details, nothing is overlooked. You tend to stand out for your creativity and also for the surprising speed with which you resolve any conflict. Your advice is the best and your friends always turn to you for it. You inspire a lot of confidence and others feel very comfortable talking to you about any matter. You know the most hidden secrets of many people and you will take them with you to the grave. You are very attentive and loving to everyone who crosses your path.

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Faces: you are someone who stands out for his tranquility. Many times on the outside you look like a calm sea and inside you are like a volcano about to erupt. You give your family a priority place in your life. You are able to sacrifice your own happiness for theirs. You characterize yourself for being very generous with what you have. You hate arguments and prefer to keep quiet when something bothers you to avoid conflicts. You are always looking to put yourself in the place of the other to understand what is happening to him and try to help him.