What do Mexicans look for before traveling

Before traveling, Mexicans look for information on the health status of the destination that interests them, as well as the place where they will stay.

The information and references considered by the traveler come from three sources: from the news, family and friends, and government alerts.

According to a study carried out by Sta Consultores and OGHEN Consulting, 67% of those surveyed will review the news (media) about the health security of the destination that interests them. 36% will consider the recommendations made by friends and family to plan their trip. And 34% will review the alerts issued regarding Covid-19 by the federal, state or local government.

In the previous answers, it stands out that women are the most interested in finding out about the situation of the destination and they do so by three means.

Also highlights the Tourism Radar study of the consulting firms that 40% of travelers will stay in chain hotels or well-known brands, considering that they have more demanding hygiene protocols.

While 18% will rent a house or room through platforms such as Airbnb, considering that they will maintain a healthy distance.

54% of travelers will do so as a family and 28% as a couple. And they will be taking care of health security and if there is any risk of cancellation.


Another important issue that they will consider is the reputation of the provider of the contracted tourist services, as well as the change and cancellation policies that apply.

In addition, the traveler will consider whether there are open spaces and the possibility of socializing, as well as the price.

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