The announcer Luis “Tucu” López, who a few months ago became better known for his romance with Jimena Barón and his participation in the play Sex by José María Muscari, was left in the eye of the storm, after his ex-partner Melody Luz, accused him of exercising psychological violence.

“I had a bad time because there was a lot of psychological violence. What I say is serious, but I am sincere. There was manipulation and jealousy, and other things that I am not going to tell, “said the dancer in La Previa, after staying out of La Academia along with Cucho Parisi from Los Auténticos Decadentes.

“I was in Sex from the beginning in 2019 and that’s where it turned out that we were. It was a very short time and I had a bad time. When I found out she was with Jimena, I wanted to tell her ‘love, I got out of there’ ”, said Melody.

“Mine was a long time ago, two years ago. He painted that it was for courtship but it never was. I do not want to talk about me for him, I am more than that brief relationship, “said the dancer. And he added: “My Sex partners were witnesses to that. I think they saw me as bolu … Everything was very visible and when you are hooked, there are things that you find difficult to see or you let go. I am a person who, when you do me wrong, I happen to ignore you completely. Now we don’t talk to each other ”.

For his part, Tucu López anticipated that he would take his ex-partner to court to solve the problem away from the media.

“It is indeed a strong, unjust and very serious accusation, so I instructed my lawyer César Carozza to act accordingly,” said the announcer, before giving details of the reaction he had when he learned of Melody’s accusation. “The truth is that we did not fight much. So I was very surprised and disappointed. For two years we shared outings, work, cast, friends. Always with the best ”, he concluded.

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