Behind its unique design or its hybrid mechanics that are both powerful and frugal, the new restyled Toyota C-HR Hybrid hides an ideal level of comfort for the most memorable trips. Raphael Simacourbe and Matthieu Khalaf, two well-known autodidacts on Instagram, used it between Paris and Normandy to explore all that these regions hide most beautiful.

Raphael Simacourbe and Matthieu Khalaf share the same passion for photography. Entrepreneur, “influencer” and jack-of-all-trades, the former never travels without bringing something to immortalize the most beautiful moments of his travels. The second, a filmmaker by profession, has no lesson to take from anyone to highlight people, nature or movement. So when these two great curious about life find themselves in the same car for a few hundred kilometers of exploration between Ile-de-France and Normandy, the adventure necessarily promises sacred pieces of travel and complicity.

Long before leaving the Paris region, the duo are already crossing astonishing places. Located a few minutes from the RER station, the Old Country of Goussainville looks like a totally abandoned village. Emptied of its inhabitants at the beginning of the sixties, at the same time as the construction of the Paris Charles de Gaules Airport in the beginning of the sixties, the village still hides a church classified as a historical monument and seems to have emerged from an apocalyptic film. It must be said that with its futuristic physique and daring curves, the Toyota C-HR Hybrid could easily play the first role of a science fiction book. This is why Raphael and Matthieu delight in positioning it in front of the most ruined buildings, so as to produce a striking contrast in this simply surreal environment.

A few minutes later, the duo restart. There is still a lot of road left and that’s good, because their mount is the ideal tool to go far. This aggressively designed family crossover, equipped with a hybrid engine, now boasts 184 horsepower in maximum power in its new version. Capable of slipping noiselessly through Parisian traffic jams, exempt from any ecological penalty thanks to its frugal mechanics, it is not at all reluctant to leave the city to navigate into the unknown. Its frank acceleration (0 to 100 km / h shot in 8.2 seconds), its cushioning comfort and its on-board technology make this machine with a unique profile a travel companion of choice.

In the Chevreuse Valley, for example, Raphael and Matthieu throw themselves with pleasure into the pretty bends of these roads known for their dynamic layout. Their goal ? join the Vaux de Cerney Abbey in the Rambouillet national forest, to contemplate the spectacular architecture of this place steeped in mystery. After a big day, the tandem stops the engine to recharge their batteries and, already, talk about the spots visited. No need, however, to recharge the batteries: the hybrid system of the Toyota C-HR operates in total autonomy, without a connection system to be connected at night to an outlet in your home.

The next morning, direction La Roche-Guyon below the Vexin plateau. First to take advantage of the beautiful local roads behind the wheel of a model with resolutely playful behavior, then to contemplate the spectacular cliffs of the region. The troglodyte houses, called “the boves”, are also an essential place to visit. This is their last stop before finally arriving in Normandy, to taste the famous bistronomic cuisine of La Musardière in the heart of Claude Monet’s village, in Giverny. Finally arrived in Rouen, Raphael and Matthieu totally change the mood with a photo shoot organized in the city’s large seaport, in the middle of cranes and containers. The opportunity, one last time, to highlight the very special dress of the Toyota C-HR Hybrid which really does not resemble any other crossover on the market. It’s like shooting a music video in the heyday of the New Wave: all that’s missing is a legendary band, some instruments and a few synthesizers. They will also benefit, throughout this road trip, from an excellent audio system aboard the Toyota C-HR Hybrid to listen to their favorite music. With its nine speakers, JBL’s premium in-car system can go very high in the bass and treble. As for the beautiful leather / Alcantara upholstery of their model, specific to the Collection finish, it gives them the impression of traveling in an ultra-sporty universe.

400 kilometers later, Raphael Simacourbe and Matthieu Khalaf return to Paris. Now you have to sort through all the images and review the videos taken during this two-day exploration in search of unique places. An infinitely more tiring task than covering great distances in the quiet comfort of the Toyota C-HR Hybrid …