The personality tests and the psychological tests daily they gain new followers in social networks by amazing results they throw. There are challenges for all tastes: there are from the most classic to the most varied and unusual.

Here we propose a new one that, very quickly and easily, will allow you to know aspects of your way of being that, perhaps, you did not know. All you have to do is look at the drawing and determine the first animal do you see. There are all answers What are you looking for. Are you ready?

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Bird: you stand out for being a very idealistic person. You dream big and the reality is that you have rarely been able to specify everything that goes through your head. You are very positive and you are always looking for the good in everything around you. Unlike many, you tend to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. You have no difficulty making conversations with strangers and you make friends with ease. You rarely go unnoticed in the places you go. It’s hard for you to make decisions and you end up turning to people you trust for help constantly. You try to avoid conflict and you hate gossip.

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Crocodiles: you are someone very conservative. Before making any decision you think twice. Impulsiveness is not a trait that characterizes you. You are very nonconformist and it is difficult for you to see the bright side of things. You tend to be very structured and when something doesn’t happen as you had planned, you easily become unstable. Others see you as a very cold person, however with your inner circle you are extremely affectionate. You tend to be very overprotective of those you love the most. You have a hard time forgiving when someone hurts you.