FaceTime has been adapted for Android and Windows … this is a sentence we thought we would never write. On iOS 15, it is possible to invite friends via a link. We tried the experiment.

As soon as iOS 15 was announced and made available to developers in a first beta, we obviously downloaded and installed it. One of the first features we wanted to test was FaceTime on Android and Windows. It is the Arlésienne that we expected, without knowing if one day Apple would succumb to it. It’s now done, FaceTime works on Android and Windows. Well almost … We tried the experiment.

No application, it happens on the web browser

There is no FaceTime app on Android and Windows, FaceTime works on the web through a web browser. When you want to invite someone to FaceTime, you create a discussion that generates a link that you then share by the means you want (SMS, e-mail, etc.).

First observation: not all browsers are compatible with FaceTime. If you are using Microsoft Edge on Android, you get an error message telling you that the browser is not supported. We must therefore launch Chrome, the native Android browser.

Unfortunately, this is the game of betas, it’s still too early to test FaceTime on Android and PC. We tried the experiment with several members of the editorial staff: we can connect… but the connection is not made. All the participants remain on hold, without knowing exactly what is going on. We can nevertheless realize the experience offered by Apple.

No need for an Apple account to log in

First observation, we send a link to a recipient without knowing exactly if it is he who will connect to the discussion. So you have a notification that appears on the iPhone with an enigmatic message “Maybe: Manu”. To be sure, you must therefore authorize this person to connect to actually authenticate him / her. The notification is clear and it directly displays a validation button.

On the user side on Android, this is the experience offered

On the user side on Android, this is the experience offered

On the side of those invited to connect, they should tap the shared link, grant permission to access the microphone and camera, and then fill in the display name. The steps are relatively simple and clear, there is no need for an Apple account to benefit from itr.

On Windows too, this is supposed to work

On Windows too, this is supposed to work

We will try the experiment again later. In any case, this “opening” Apple’s competition is a good thing. We would have preferred a complete and native application, but it is an appreciable first step for iPhone, Mac and iPad users who wanted to invite people “External” to FaceTime conversations.

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