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So classic that we don't see it anymore. But the Mercedes W124 is still on our roads. Look well! In any case, this model has made its place in the global automotive landscape. Reuben editions have just released a book dedicated to him, we have read it.

What's in W124, Mercedes-Benz: The First E-Class

Everything about the W124. Four words is light, the authors give us more than that so I make an effort.

W124, Mercedes-Benz: The first E-class begins by giving this model some perspective. Its predecessors and descendants are thus mentioned. Then we go through the prototype box before really getting to the heart of the matter. The history of the three series of the car is well explained with numerous illustrations to support it. For these we alternate exterior views from appropriate angles and more technical shots. So we can always put in images what is mentioned in the text.

In “W124, Mercedes-Benz: the first E-class” Hubert Baradat will explain everything about the different versions, colors, bodywork and engines of the car. In addition, we will find a few Views of Today, insertions of very modern shoots (produced by Laurent Duchène) which put the car back in the current world.

What I thought of W124, Mercedes-Benz: the first E-class

In line with their book dedicated to Jaguar Sedans (We talk about it here), W124, Mercedes-Benz: The E-Class First is a perfect book for the interested beginner. I admit I'm not a W124 fan, yet I really liked this book.

Everything is really explained, all the decisions, all the characteristics, all the evolutions. You can even go very far by trying to learn the color chart or the engine codes by heart. But we can also stick to the main text and then only look for the essential information that we lack.

And above all nothing of the W124 seems to be forgotten. Sedans, station wagons, coupes, convertibles, limousines, special or sports versions from AMG have it all. Even versions that have not yet been studied, such as this electric station wagon with its trunk full of batteries!

Finally, the "views from today" are really nice. Because when you are interested in a car that has become “collector's item”, what an interest in showing extracts from tests of the time. It is in 2020 that we would drive it …

Only small complaint: the text is very cut out and one could lose the thread by looking at the illustrations well found and by reading their captions.

In short :

A book for all fans of the W124 but also lovers of the star brand … and curious people who want to know more about one without buying an encyclopedia.

It reads well, it is well illustrated and its Italian format is very practical for taking it on vacation.

If you are interested, you will find it for 29 € on … our online store! Click here.

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