The English have their “bangers and mash”, we have our sausage-mash. If the dish is common in breweries, tasting a correct one can be a real challenge. As for the best, it is undoubtedly savored at Café Lazare, Eric Frechon’s chic brasserie located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The extremely simple recipe, which smacks of large family tables, draws its letters of nobility from the quality of the products used. The three-star chef has developed his own, kept secret version of a revisited Toulouse sausage that the Chédeville charcuterie prepares for him with care. The secret to a perfect, creamy and delicious mash? Nice, firm potatoes – the Korean prefers fingerling – a hint of whole milk and, fear not, a generous dose of butter. It is no coincidence that Joël Robuchon put in so much! “The butter gives this incredible taste to the potato once it is crushed or mashed, while smoothing the texture”, explains the chef, also at the helm of the Epicure, the gourmet restaurant of the Le Bristol palace. But where Éric Frechon treats us is with his chicken sauce, delicately poured into a well in the center of the mash, as we used to do as a child. A real Proust madeleine to be rediscovered without moderation.

Toulouse sausage and mashed potatoes

For 4 people
Preparation: 20 min
Cooking: 35 min

4 Toulouse sausages
6 cloves of garlic
1 sprig of thyme
1 bay leaf
1 dash of peanut oil

The garnish
500 g fingerling potatoes
150g butter
10 cl of liquid cream
coarse salt
salt pepper

Place the potatoes in a saucepan of cold water, salt with coarse salt, bring to the boil. Cook over low heat for about 35 minutes, depending on the size of the potatoes. Once they are cooked, peel them, taking care to keep them warm.
Heat the liquid cream.
Put the potatoes in a potato masher in a saucepan. Add the hot liquid cream and mix well. Then, without stopping stirring, incorporate the butter in pieces, until you obtain a very smooth and homogeneous puree. Season with salt and pepper. Keep warm while the Toulouse sausages are cooking.
Prick the sausages with the tines of a fork to prevent them from bursting during cooking. In a pan, heat the peanut oil, then place the sausages, thyme, bay leaf and unpeeled garlic in the pan, and roast them for 12 minutes on all sides. Serve immediately with the mash.