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For those who grew up with the goal of owning a car that turns heads, the Lamborghini has always been a good choice.

She is beautiful, stylish, sophisticated but still intrinsically sexy and she exudes a kind of power that few people can claim when they are alone out of the car. For short, it's the ultimate wingman.

But it's also an exceptional car, with remarkable engineering and smooth driving. Car enthusiasts who sit behind the wheel of a Lamborghini can write you poems about the merits of this car, and it's deserved.

While such a vehicle is out of reach for most of us, you could get your hands on a replica for a whopping $ 40,000. Thanks to Randy Morrow, a retired Tennessee police officer, for his replica of the 2010 Lamborghini LP 640. A cheaper option with the same features as the original (well almost).

The replica was mostly assembled in a body shop. Morrow then took care of the final touches to make sure the vehicle looked as close to the original as possible. It was declined in green accents "verde ithica" with a completely black interior with a carbon fiber steering wheel to give "a more classy look" to the car. Other alterations were made at the doors and wheels, among others. Morrow says improving the replica has cost him $ 4,000 more.

Now listed on LamborghiniReplica.com, the vehicle will soon be auctioned. But we can not help wondering about the irony of Morrow, a former cop, who will sell a replica. Of course, it looks good but is it really safe to drive this thing?

Replica cars have had a bad press lately, rightly since we do not know who did what to make it "worthy of the road".

Unsurprisingly, these "kit cars" as some call them are cautiously put on the market after a 2015 amendment that allows small volume manufacturers to create a limited number of replicas. The only precaution to take is to verify that the original is at least 25 years old.

Nevertheless, Morrow does not seem too concerned about the legality of all this. He's just trying to make at least $ 4,000 in profit to repay his investment. Since the car does not have the same components under the hood as the 2010 Lamborghini LP 640, it also helps.

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