A new malware has just appeared on Android, and it is sold for less than $ 30 on the dark net. Be careful when installing new applications on your mobile.

android phone malware 640x427 - watch out for this malware capable of taking control of your smartphone!
Credit: Moritz Kindler via Unsplash

Cybersecurity researchers from Check Point come to shed light on a new malware called “Rogue” which could wreak havoc on Android smartphones. If you are being warned, it’s because this malware is currently being distributed on underground dark net forums at a price of $ 29.99, and could well be used for disastrous purposes in the months to come. to come, in particular by allowing malicious but technically uncomfortable hackers to easily get their hands on a rather elaborate tool.

Concretely, this malware is able to monitor all the activity of an infected smartphone, from browsing the web to applications, including the theft of usernames and passwords, but also data related to the bank account. . It’s not really a whole new malware family, but rather a combination of two older Android malware families, Cosmos and Hawkshaw. To accomplish his deeds, “Rogue” attempts to obtain permissions from the user, and if these are not granted, he will repeatedly ask his victim to grant them until he do it. Once the permissions are obtained, Rogue registers itself as the administrator of the infected device.

Malware, like other Android malware, can be distributed by various means: phishing, malicious applications, etc. It is also particularly sophisticated if it spreads through applications since it is not only able to hide the infected application from the home screen of the victim’s smartphone, but if you try to delete the app or revoke its permissions, it displays a message like “Are you sure you want to erase all data?” “ Obviously, many users would then risk being afraid of erasing all their data and stop at this stage, leaving the malware to do its misdeeds in the background.

As of yet, we do not yet have an example of a malicious campaign exploiting “Rogue”, but given its supposed effectiveness and the ease for hackers to obtain, it will not be long. In the meantime, be careful when downloading apps to your smartphone. Always favor the Play Store and read the permissions requested when installing an application. Obviously, the latest security updates offered by Google are still required.