Volvo's supercar Polestar 5 –

There would really only be one Swedish brand to design a supercar with a dumpster, ideally designed to transport Ikea furniture …

Volvo has been making cars in Sweden since 1927. Bought by the Chinese from Geely when the brand was sold by the Ford group, Volvo has also had its own sports and electric division for two years. Polestar, which first launched the 600-horsepower hybrid “1” coupe, has just launched the “2” sedan on the market to attack the Tesla Model 3.

What if Polestar also offered a real supercar? This is the idea raised by Matthias Walz on Behance. The designer had fun imagining a real sports car responding to the codes of the Swedish brand, but with very specific specifications: this sports car indeed has a kind of small tipper at the rear, capable according to its designer to "transport Ikea furniture easily".

Electric and virtual

Of course, it is hard to imagine the owners of these overpriced machines equipping their homes with Ikea furniture. But this sports car has in any case an interesting design, even if it will obviously remain virtual.

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