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The automobile is embarking on an unprecedented energy transition, accentuated in 2015 by the revelations of rigged diesel engines. If Volvo remained spared on this subject, the Swedish firm still largely took the lead by drastically reducing its range of engines and especially the displacement of its engines.

Unlike other premium manufacturers, at Volvo there is no longer a V6 or V8, even for powerful models developing more than 400 horsepower. Now it's time for a 2.0-liter four-cylinder paired with an electric motor. This technology has become widely available in the range, even on the "smallest" models, like the XC40 which today benefits two plug-in hybrid versions of 211 and 262 hp.

On the diesel side, there are two engines, one of 150 horsepower and a second of 190 horsepower. Except that these two blocks will soon no longer be available in France, as indicated on the Volvo site in France, which specifies that the models are available "within the limits of available stocks". Understand by this that it will soon no longer be possible to configure them.

The end of diesel was in a way already programmed by Volvo. This energy is no longer available in the catalog of the S60, while it has already disappeared from the covers of the XC40 delivered across the Channel. To compensate for the disappearance of diesel models, Volvo is banking on its gasoline vehicles by providing them with mild hybridization to reduce their CO emissions2 and their consumption. For the record, Volvo will also offer by the end of the year a 100% electric version of its XC40 with no less than 408 horsepower and an announced range of around 400 kilometers with a single charge.

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