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Volvo has released new information about the future 100% electric XC40. Partner of Google for many months, the Swedish manufacturer has just indicated that the model will benefit from a brand new multimedia system that will run on Android.

This will offer users "unprecedented personalization possibilities, increased usability and new embedded Google services and technologies," the brand promises. "We are finally offering you the same car experience that you experience every day with your smartphone, an experience that is perfectly suited to driving safely," says Henrik Green, Volvo Cars' chief technology officer.

"The XC40 electric is also the first Volvo to be able to receive updates to its on-board software and remote operating system.", Says the company, before adding: the vehicle "will continue to evolve and to improve in time rather than remaining immutable after leaving the factory. "

Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play Store on the menu

This Sensus new generation system, which will rely on Android Automotive OS, will include Google Assistant (with voice control to manage air conditioning, GPS or music), Google Maps (updated maps and real-time traffic information) and Google Play Store.

The Volvo XC40 electric, which will be the first zero emission model of the brand, will be revealed on October 16.

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