Volvo XC20 electric: a small SUV in the boxes

Volvo XC20 electric a small SUV in the boxes - Volvo XC20 electric: a small SUV in the boxes

With its gargantuan features, the Volvo XC40 Recharge has drawn some criticism. The manufacturer should launch a less opulent version which will certainly be named XC20. A small SUV that could be satisfied with an exclusively electric motor.

At the Beijing Motor Show 2020, the Chinese group Geely, owner of Volvo, presented the new modular platform “SEA” (Sustainable Experience Architecture). A base which should notably be exploited on a more compact version of the XC 40 Recharge. The platform is compatible with segments A to E according to Geely. An opportunity for Volvo which, according to its boss Hakan Samuelsson, will use it to “A smaller car (…) zero-emission”.

"(…) if you want to make a car smaller than the XC40, the SEA can do it. We will use it for that " The manager explained to our British colleagues at Auto Express, noting that the CMA platform on which the XC40 is based could not be lowered any further. The boss of the Swedish manufacturer has also confirmed that it will be an SUV "Premium" who will be "Fully electric". The brand has also registered the names "XC10" and "XC20", leaving little doubt about its intentions. As a reminder, Volvo has set itself the goal of selling 50% all-electric vehicles by 2025.

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