Volvo unveils the new FH – Workshop decision

Volvo Trucks is gradually revealing its new vintage 2020 range. Now it's the turn of the FH, equipped with the I-Save, to unveil its plastic and its capabilities.

Volvo unveils the new FH Workshop decision - Volvo unveils the new FH - Workshop decision
The new FH with I-Save will be available for order in European markets from September 2020.

The flagship of the Swedish manufacturer, in terms of the number of global sales, deploys its capabilities over long distances. Volvo Trucks has for the new generation of FH favored the functionality and energy efficiency. Thus, the Volvo FH, more aerodynamic and equipped with I-Save, allows reduce fuel costs by up to 10%, ie an improvement of 3% compared to the previous generation. In addition, as for the other three new trucks recently launched (FM, FMX and FH16), the manufacturer wanted respond to the demands of its customers and drivers. It thus improved the connectivity, services, as well as cabin comfort.

"Safety, comfort and productivity"

Inside, the driver has two screens, one optional 12-inch and one 9-inch, as well as voice control (Alexa). These two screens aim to offer a new digital and dynamic display. Also optional, a camera on the passenger side mirror allows a view of blind spots and thus improves the safety of the external environment (pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles). The FH also has downhill cruise control, but also a speed and spacing regulator up to 0 km / h, useful especially in town. Finally, the FH offers five cab models.

Back on the outside of the truck, the major innovation remains the adaptive high beam: some of the twelve LED segments go out when a vehicle driving in front is detected. In addition, the look is more muscular and robust. The four new models proudly display a new iron mark, larger and thus more visible. The FH also sports a new grille and a new step-in.

For Laurent d´Arnal, Commercial Director of Volvo Trucks France, the launch of the new range is combined with the arrival of new services and new solutions. The slogan "designed for you" (or " made for you ") Reflects Volvo Trucks' desire to be atlistening to its customers and participating in making the profession of driver more attractive. In addition, the respect the environment, with better energy efficiency, therefore better cost optimization.

Find the interview with Laurent d´Arnal, Sales Director of Volvo Trucks France, in the next PL Decision.

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