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When Volvo Cars launched the three-way seat belt points in the 1950s, it was a subject of great controversy. VS'East yet the way the most effective way to save lives on the road. LThe number of injuries has decreased from 50% to 60% since its creation. The Swedish brand then sold the patent to other car manufacturers. Today, WHO Eastime that over a million people owe their lives to seatbelt. This could also be the case today when the brand communicates about introducing new innovations security like limitation of vspeed at 80km / h or on-board cameras allowing cars to intervene in the event of impaired driving or distraction driving. The digital campaign "One Million more ", produced by the Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors positions the automotive brand as a pioneer in safety. "With this campaign, our goal at Volvo Cars is to show that we take stand for our beliefs, even if it is not always popular. Celworth it, if it could have helped save over a million lives. And that's also why that we will continue to do so, to help save many more thanks to our new innovations in securityity and sustainable development" comment Nathalie Duneau, Marketing Director of Volvo Car France in a press release. Visible on social networks et on the site web of Volvo Car France, this black and white digital campaign consists of several testimonials from people involved in car accidents and saved by the seat belt. Since 1959, the brand has developed other innovations, such as the side airbags and curtain airbags or the creation of the first child seat back to the road In the 60s. "Volvo Cars aims to save a million more lives through its innovations and those to come. The next step for the manufacturer will be to introduce on-board cameras allowing cars to intervene en case of intoxication or distracted driving for continue in this process of improving safety"specifies the brand.

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