Volvo Trucks presents the 3rd generation of FMX – Workshop decision

The Swedish automaker is unveiling its new FMX construction truck, the third in a line that celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2020.

Volvo Trucks presents the 3rd generation of FMX Workshop - Volvo Trucks presents the 3rd generation of FMX - Workshop decision
Volvo Trucks celebrates 10 years in the construction segment (© Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks has recently launched its new FMX, the third generation of construction trucks, a range which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Like the FM, FH and FH16, the FMX is more robust, and it has a more spacious cabin, as well as new security features. The 2020 generation has protective grilles on LED lights, of a steel roof hatch and cabin roof protection (optional). In addition, its payload has been increased to reach a GVW of up to 58 tonnes on 4 axles. The new Volvo FMX benefits from a rear tandem axle that can weigh up to 38 tonnes and its front suspension is automated. Changing from inter-axle differential to full differential lock and vice versa is easy. In addition, at speeds below 15 km / h, it is possible to change the direction of travel of the truck. The construction version of the Volvo gearbox I-Shift, allows the Volvo FMX to maneuver in difficult terrain and hilly areas with a high level of productivity and driver comfort. Drivers can also drive at 0.5 km / h, which is extremely useful during precision maneuvers. Finally, coupled with 20 tonne front axles, the payload of this type of vehicle is around 40 tonnes (this configuration is reserved for off-road applications only). For trucks equipped with a trailed or pusher axle, the steering angles have been increased, which offers more maneuverability while reducing tire wear. All of these improvements help improve the productivity and profitability of transporting building materials. Furthermore, the new Volvo FMX has been designed to adapt to future electric drivetrains. It is also compatible with biofuels such as B100 and HVO, or even available in an LNG version.

Always more security

The new cabin of the new Volvo FMX benefits from a number of improvements, particularly in terms of visibility for the driver. With a wider windshield, lowered door lines and new mirrors, direct visibility is increased by 10%. The optional passenger-side angle camera improves the field of view of the vehicle's side on the 9-inch secondary display. The secondary display, still optional, displays images from eight cameras, four of which simultaneously. In addition, downhill cruise control, the electronically controlled braking system (EBS), now fitted as standard on the new Volvo FMX, strengthen security. As the Volvo Dynamic Steering with lane-keeping assist and stability assist is available as an option and the new traffic sign recognition system.

As a reminder, in 2010 the Swedish manufacturer launched the first FMX specially designed for the requirements of the construction sector.

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