Volvo to produce electric XC20 –

Discreetly, Volvo is changing: end of the development of thermal engines (delegated to Geely), and gradual arrival of electric. The Swedish manufacturer is now preparing a compact battery car placed under the XC40 Recharge, with a platform from Lynk & Co.

Volvo to produce electric XC20 - Volvo to produce electric XC20 -

The ties between Lynk & Co and Volvo, the two cousins ​​of the Chinese group Geely, are growing closer. The first recently unveiled a modular platform called SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture), and the second will use it to produce a small electric. Volvo boss Hakan Samuelsson confirmed to our colleagues at Autoexpress that Volvo will use the SEA platform to develop a small car: "therefore, we can have a low cost structure for a small car that can be competitive".

Concretely, it should be a model placed under the XC40. An XC20 which had already been the subject of rumors in 2019, our colleagues from Autoblid already announced the launch of the project at that time.

Volvo will not lose its identity, however. If the development of thermals comes to an end (and will be delegated to Geely), the design of electric models remains the responsibility of the Swedish brand. But for gasoline and diesel, this is the end: the new XC90 should be the last vehicle to offer thermal in the catalog at Volvo, before the all-electric arrives. The large SUV will indeed offer plug-in hybrid versions alongside a new 100% electric variant.

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