Volvo: the small SUV XC20 takes shape –

The future small Volvo SUV should be exclusively electric.

Things are getting a little clearer about a small Volvo SUV that could be called the XC20. The Chinese group Geely, owner of the Swedish manufacturer, has just presented at the Beijing 2020 show a modular architecture for electric vehicles called SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) and Hakan Samuelsson, the boss of Volvo, would have revealed to our British colleagues from Auto Express that a small, exclusively "zero-emission" Volvo would use it.

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Volvo the small SUV XC20 takes shape - Volvo: the small SUV XC20 takes shape - Autoplus.frNeither city car, nor SUV?

As to whether the model in question would be an SUV, Samuelsson reportedly replied, "Yes, well done! It has to be a premium vehicle, and SUVs are very popular, but they also have to be a fully electric vehicle. I think the SUVs of the future might not be quite like today's SUVs. Ground clearance and off-road capabilities are probably not the most important things right now. " Not a raised vehicle, but not a city car either. See you soon to find out what this probable Volvo XC20 will look like.

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