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Just over a year ago, Volvo announced that all its new vehicles will soon be limited to 180 km / h at maximum speed. A decision that raised a lot of questions at the time of this announcement, but Volvo stood up and persisted until the official deployment of this measure.

With this decision, Volvo somehow confirms its status as security leader. The measure also comes in the same year as the famous promise made by the Swedish company a few years ago: "Zero dead aboard a Volvo by 2020". With speed being one of the biggest killers on the road, Volvo is tackling one of the biggest problems with road safety.

Some consider this measure too restrictive, others believe that there is more than substantial room for maneuver since motorways in Europe are rarely limited above 130 km / h. Volvo drivers also don't have the right cars for lap times on the track, so this measure shouldn't particularly affect them.

However, this decision is not necessarily in line with the brand's latest models, in particular with certain sport-oriented models such as the new Volvo S60 Polestar Engineered and its 405 horsepower under the hood. But then again, how many customers will really benefit from the power of the car and how many will actually go to exploit it in a suitable place?

The Scandinavian firm goes even further since the models can be delivered with a key allowing to electronically add other limitations, lower for example for young license holders.

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