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As of now, all vehicles produced by Volvo are electronically limited to 180 km / h. The brand wants there to be no more deaths in its cars.

Some road safety associations dream of it, Volvo has done it. The Swedish brand introduces a speed limit for all its models. The measure was announced in March 2019 and is now in effect. For all Volvo produced, it will now be 180 km / h maximum!

A strong choice in automotive production. Volvo thus confirms its status as a leader in automotive safety. The Swedish brand has also set itself a very ambitious goal: no more deaths or serious injuries in one of its new cars from this year. To get there, the manufacturer does not hesitate to tackle one of the big factors of mortality on the roads, speed. A thorny subject, we note that no brand has made a similar announcement since!

Some will find the limit to 180 km / h too low, while others will consider that it leaves a margin more than comfortable, especially since the speed is limited to 120 or 130 km / h on the highway in a large majority of European countries. No question, however, of lowering the power of vehicles, Volvo has even launched a range of muscular hybrid models badged Polestar Engineereed. This notably gives an S60 sedan of more than 400 hp!

Volvo says its models also come with a smart key that allows for other, lower limitations. We can thus restrain our car at 110 km / h for a young license!

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