Volvo Group creates a new division dedicated to autonomous vehicles –

The group AB Volvo, owned by Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks, as well as the American Mack Trucks and Japan's UD Trucks, announced on October 18, 2019 the creation of a new entity dedicated to the development and marketing of autonomous transportation solutions called Volvo Autonomous Solutions. "This entity will enable Volvo Group to meet a growing demand and to offer the best possible solutions to customers in sectors such as mining, ports and transportation between logistics centers, in addition to current products and services ", says the group in a statement.

Increased flexibility, accuracy and productivity

AB Volvo focuses on the transportation of goods and materials on predefined routes, with some repetitive and continuous flows, where autonomous transportation solutions "can create value for customers by contributing to increased flexibility, delivery accuracy and productivity".

So far, the Swedish group has focused on the development of several autonomous prototypes, including Vera, an electric tractor without cab that should soon be transporting containers to the Swedish city of Gothenburg between a port terminal and a logistics center of the DFDS shipping company.

Lower operational and energy costs

Volvo AB has also designed an electric dump carrier called Electric Site, currently being tested in a career in Gothenburg, with a decrease of 40 % of operational costs and 70 % of energy costs (and 98 % of carbon emissions).

More conventional Volvo FHs without a driver are also used at the Brønnøy Kalk mine in Norway to transport limestone for a distance of five kilometers. "We had a significant increase in the number of requests from our customers. It seemed logical to bring together expertise and resources in a new business sector, in order to advance autonomous transportation solutions a new notch ", justified Martin Lundstedt, President of AB Volvo. Volvo Autonomous Solutions will be officially operational on the 1st January 2020.

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