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The proliferation of smartphones and touch screens inside the passenger compartment is prompting a growing debate around the dangers of distracted driving. Volvo Cars safety experts say, however, that distractions are a part of life, and that technology can be leveraged to assist drivers in their daily journeys.

The company's research in safety and behavioral science suggests that, used correctly, modern technologies within the cabin can actively contribute to reducing distracted driving, increasing safety on the roads as well. to improve reflexes and develop driver attention.

Some believe that when it comes to distraction, 1940s cars were safer than current models – after all, there was no screen or phone connectivity, not even a radio. But this reality is no longer in tune with the way society and today's drivers operate.

Volvo Cars actively uses technology to combat the dangers of distracted driving and build some of the safest cars around. Thus, active safety systems with automatic braking and corrective action on the steering are designed to come to the aid of the driver at any time if he becomes distracted or distracted even for a fraction of a second.

Inside the cockpit of the new 100% electric XC40 Recharge, the advanced voice control of Volvo Cars' new Android infotainment system allows the driver to adjust the temperature, enter a destination, listen to his tunes or favorite podcasts or calling your mom to wish her birthday – all without taking your hands off the wheel.

For Volvo Cars, distracted driving is a problem that can be solved with the help of cameras and other on-board sensors that analyze driver behavior. Such technologies would allow the car to intervene when a visibly distracted (or intoxicated) driver fails to respond to warning signals, thereby exposing himself to a serious or even fatal accident.

This action could consist of restraining the vehicle, alerting the Volvo on Call service center and, as a last resort, braking the car to park it safely. Volvo Cars plans to introduce the integration of such cameras on its next generation SPA2 scalable vehicle platform.

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