How autonomous will the new Volvo XC90 be? At present, most top-of-the-range models cap at level 2, allowing semi-autonomous driving on the expressway. But the next generation of the large SUV, which will be launched in 2022 in Europe, could take a step forward.

Volvo claims to be one of the first manufacturers to benefit from the new generation Nvidia Drive Orin. A computing platform specific to artificial intelligence, capable of performing 254 trillion operations per second. It should be remembered that autonomous driving requires enormous computing power. The computers collect the data from the various sensors analyzing the environment of the car in order to compile them and adapt the driving automatically.

Volvo and Nvidia have already been partners since 2018, with the central Drive Xavier system, which will work jointly with Orin. The two “brains” will be implanted under the body of the future XC90, the first Volvo model to adopt these recent technologies from Nvidia, which is increasingly focusing on the automotive sector.