Volvo: 100% autonomous driving on the highway in 2022 –

But what is a LiDAR system? Light Detection And Ranging allows you to analyze the environment around the car. This system is used by test vehicles which have traveled several thousand kilometers in autonomous mode in the USA or even in Belgium (Toyota and Lexus).

"Take your eyes off the road"

LuminD’s LiDAR sensors emit millions of laser pulses to reliably detect the presence of objects while scanning the environment in 3D. The advantage of this system is to do without Internet connection. No need for 5G, therefore! And by 2022, Volvo will be able to equip its cars. According to Volvo's chief technology officer, Henrik Green: “Soon, your Volvo will be able to drive on the highway in autonomous mode, when the car has deemed that the safety conditions are met to do so. From then on, your Volvo will assume responsibility for driving. You can relax, take your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel. "Will it still be necessary for the law to allow it! And that, depending on the country, is not won in advance …

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