According to the German press, the Volkswagen group should place Bentley under Audi control next year for the sake of economies of scale.

There is restructuring in the air within the Volkswagen group. Indeed, while recent rumors indicate a possible sale of the Bugatti, Lamborghini and Ducati brands by the German firm, the German newspaper Automobilwoche assures him today that Volkswagen should put Bentley under the control of 'Audi.

The race for savings

The Wolfsburg group would plan to make the British luxury brand a subsidiary of its Audi division for the sake of economies of scale in its high-end segment, reports the specialized weekly.

Also according to the same media, which cites sources within the group, Bentley, under the control until now of the boss of Porsche, Oliver Blume, would spend next year under the supervision of Audi, where the chairman of the management board of VW, Herbert Diess, believes it will have more potential.

Audi at the controls of a new Bentley SUV?

The synergies thus achieved could make it possible to use Audi technology for a new Bentley SUV. For the moment, Volkswagen has declined to comment …

Sources: Automobilwoche via Reuters