A multicolored plaque catches the eye, a name Michèle Barbaro, a profession, Clinical Psychologist. Following the March confinement during which she volunteered in a telephone support for vulnerable people, in partnership with the town hall and the house of solidarity, she opened her psychology practice. With the periods of confinement and curfews, new problems have arisen, in particular among young people. It is important to ask a real fundamental question: “what are we doing for our youth” she raises.

Dropping out of school, anxiety and stress are observed among students and young workers due to the closures of companies which allowed work-study programs, for example. These anxieties and anxieties are also seen in young couples.

It is in these moments that the work of psychological support is important, in order to restore self-confidence and to move towards well-being and self-esteem. Sponsored by the CPAM, Michèle Barbaro is part of the PSM system (Parcours en Santé Mentale) and therefore ensures, as such, the coverage of Psychotherapy by Health Insurance, on the recommendation of the attending physician.

In addition, through all the consultations that she was able to do and especially during the telephone support system, she is creating an association which will be called “Un lien c’est tout” whose headquarters will be in Villeneuve- Tolosane. Its purpose will be to create a welcoming place for anyone wishing to discuss. This will make it possible to do individual or group work, in the presence of health professionals and social workers.

Phone. 06 46 69 02 57.