Video: Why 2020 starts strong for Tesla – ZDNet France

Video Why 2020 starts strong for Tesla ZDNet France - Video: Why 2020 starts strong for Tesla - ZDNet France

The electric carmaker finished 2019 well. The action climbed 46% in one year and vehicle deliveries jumped by more than 50% compared to 2018, reaching 367,500 units sold. This represents an increase of around 50% compared to 2018 (245,240).

The last quarter was the most lavish with almost 120,000 models sold. "Tesla deliveries are only an indicator of financial performance and should not be taken as an indicator of financial results as such, which depend on several factors," said Tesla.

The release of Model 3 greatly contributed to this result with 90,000 sales (almost 2/3 of sales).

Expand your market

With a capitalization at 81 billion dollars, the company already exceeds General Motors (53 billion) or Ford (37 billion).

Above all, Tesla is expanding beyond its internal market. The brand now produces in China in addition to the United States. The company has set up a factory there, Gigafactory 3, in order to conquer the Chinese market, and bypass the taxes imposed by the trade war between the United States and China.

And Tesla would be wrong to deprive itself of this opportunity: Beijing did not force it to form an alliance with a local company as it is the case for all the foreign companies which are established in China. Better: Beijing grants subsidies for the purchase of Tesla "made in China".

Competition is coming

In Europe, Elon Musk announced the construction of a giant factory near Berlin.

But competition will strengthen in 2020 for the American brand with the marketing of new electric models from Volkswagen, Ford and even Peugeot.

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