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On October 12, a video was posted on YouTube by user Varryx. We see a Pagani Zonda transported on a flatbed truck and covered in a rather confusing way. So far, nothing surprising, until the YouTube channel zooms in on the rear right of the Italian supercar.

This Pagani Zonda looks a bit damaged. At first glance, she would have rubbed. It could also be that she suffered a shock that damaged her hip, shield and rear wheel. The damage doesn't seem very bad, after all any car can crash at one point or another, and just because it's a Pagani doesn't protect it from the risk.

If we bring up this subject, it is because the history of this Pagani Zonda is a little curious. Indeed, if we search for its license plate on Google, we see that this model belongs to the Pagani museum. It was on display for several years, and last I heard it was still on display earlier this month. Moreover, during our visit to the Horacio Pagani Museum in 2019, he was there.

Pagani did not of course comment on the accident to his Zonda. Has it been sold? Did the new owner have the bad luck of having an accident? Was it banged up in the museum? Who is responsible for it? So many questions that arise and to which we have no answer.

Maybe Pagani will shed some light on this matter. It's a shame to see such a rare and expensive supercar in poor condition. It will probably be fixed, because after all, the shock does not seem so bad.

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