VIDEO. Three tips to take back control of your time

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In the frenzy of our current lives, it is difficult to keep control of our most precious resource: our time. At the microphone of Gross, Fabien Olicard gives us three essential tips to once again become the masters of our days. A video that should save you time …

Make no mistake, there is no question here of yet another injunction to the cult of performance or the race for productivity. Quite the contrary.

Between work, domestic tasks, leisure and to do list interminable… taking time for what really matters to us is often taken in last place.

What if we made our time an ally instead of constantly running after it? In video, the YouTuber with 1.7 million subscribers gives us ways to redefine our priorities. Look :

And for those in a hurry, here is a little summary:

1. Take care of your time or… of HIS time?

Fabien Olicard distinguishes 6 types of time: professional time (paid), compulsory time (tasks, vital needs, etc.), personal time (dedicated to pleasure), time for oneself (to learn and progress in the areas that matter to us at heart for example), lost time (the famous procrastination) and non-time.

“If we know at each moment what time we are in, then we can control that. For example if I decide to be in time for myself, by taking a break that I will read on for example, is that wasted time? (…) It is neither good nor bad, it is just assumed because it is done in full awareness. "

"Lost time is, for example, going on the internet to grab some information and be there again an hour later, on something that we did not decide at the start. Time for yourself is never wasted time. Personal time either. "

2. Paris wasn’t done in a day

A project seems insurmountable to you? To recall the old adage of Lao-Tse : “A journey of a thousand leagues always begins with a first step.”

In other words, if a project is too generalist or too oppressive at first glance, it suffices to divide it into sub-stages and “sub-sub-stages” to demystify it and, as the mentalist points out, to feel a real feeling of achievement at each milestone.

3. Find the needles of his compass

As a “proven procrastinator”, Fabien Olicard advises us to find our mantras. A smart way to always go for what's good for us, while keeping things simple.

"My mantras are autonomy and freedom. If I achieve these two things in life, then I am happy. It is as if in my hand I have a compass and every time I have an opportunity that presents itself or a decision to be made, I see if the needles go in the direction of autonomy and freedom. If one of the needles doesn't go, I'm not. "

Advice to apply without further delay. To discover the book Your time is infinite by Fabien Olicard, it's over here.

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VIDEO. Three tips to take back control of your time

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