You have probably never seen a painting capable of reacting to touch.

Do you know the thermochromic reaction? This is a technique that allows an element to react to a change in temperature by changing color. And this is precisely the type of paint that covers this Audi A4 B7 generation shining brightly in the sun.

Video of thermochromic painting

The treatment she received has a sort of matte effect, but with colors that change depending on the angle and the brightness. It is clearly not the most discreet painting in the world, with all these colors that are somewhat reminiscent of the paintings of some TVRs in the early 2000s.

A reaction when you touch her

But the most surprising feature is noticed when you touch the car. Due to the different temperature of the hand, the paint suddenly changes color and keeps the imprint for a few seconds. There remains a major problem: in the event of a crash, the bill may be a little higher than usual for repainting the car.