This is what happens when you don’t understand how to drive a powerful car and you overestimate your skills.

A BMW in a rap clip? Given the image of luxury and power conveyed by the sportiest models of the German manufacturer, the propeller-driven models of the brand can sometimes slip into this kind of production where we generally love to combine external signs. of wealth.

Video of the destroyed BMW in the clip

Even when you don’t have the budget for an M3 or M5? Yes, in this specific case it is a first-generation three-door Series 1 that was chosen, for lack of anything better, to play in a clip in preparation. But the shoot didn’t quite go as planned.

An immediate crash

On Instagram, a certain bboy_delsol indeed publishes a video showing a Series 1 driver trying to slip, before taking a violent “punch” which sends him against the barrier of a parking lot. The car is probably good for scrap and the clip will have to do without the BMW …