Chef Dan Bessoudo, a Michelin star for his restaurant Dan B. in Ventabren, imagines a cuisine in harmony with nature and local producers. He delivers a fresh recipe that combines the sea and the vegetable garden. To be found on its Terra by Dan B. takeaway menu, in a menu to compose yourself.

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Bonito cooked in cold salt and marinated in olive oil, salad of crunchy fennel and red meat radish, fennel juice

1611674432 bonite au sel marinee a l huile d olive par dan bessoudo photo h.g. - Video - The right recipe: bonito cooked in salt, marinated in olive oil and fennel juice by Dan Bessoudo - La Provence

For 6 people as a starter

1 Bonito from your fishmonger of 1.5 kg.

1 liter of olive oil.

1 kg of coarse Camargue salt.

4 fennel bulbs.

A bunch of fennel beard to bring with your producer on the market.

An untreated lemon.

2 pieces of Red meat radish.

Salt and freshly ground white pepper.


Lift the two fillets from the bonito then cut the loins along the length of the fillet. Put under coarse salt, coarsely chopped fennel beard and lemon zest. Leave to cook in the cold for two hours. Rinse with cold water. Immerse the loins in olive oil for at least 24 hours. You can keep them in oil for a week.

The day of the tasting

Fennel juice: two coarsely cut fennels and marinate them with a squeeze of lemon salt and freshly ground white pepper for an hour. Centrifuge everything and keep the juice in the fridge.

Fennel and red meat salad: very thin slice (a mandolin is ideal for this) the fennel bulbs and red meat radishes, then season with olive oil and lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Bonito: remove the bonito loins from the olive oil. Remove the skin using a knife with a flexible blade. Slice pieces a small finger thick.


Arrange the fennel and red meat salad in deep plates, preferably. Place the marinated bonito slices on the salad. Drizzle the perimeter of the bottom of the plates with fresh fennel juice.

It’s your turn ! Good tasting.