Video: Protecting the bodywork of a Bugatti Divo –

The Topaz company, specialized in automotive detailing, presents a video in which its employees protect the bodywork of a Bugatti Divo.

In the world of automotive detailing, Topaz is renowned for its high-end services and the exclusivity of the vehicles on which they are produced. The proof is with the complete protection of this Bugatti Divo, using a PPF film.

The latter, completely invisible once applied, will act as a protective layer between the original varnish and the exterior. It does not alter the appearance of paint and carbon fiber parts, and offers significant protection against UV rays, as well as projections of gravel and other aggressive elements.

The process is of course carried out after a good washing and decontamination, as well as a polishing, so as to lay the film on a varnish in perfect condition. The film is then applied to a wet panel. The water and air bubbles are then expelled. We end up heating the film to fix it securely to the body.

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It remains to be clarified that this protection technique is absolutely not reserved for vehicles of this type, although as a general rule, owners of more “affordable” vehicles more often opt for localized protection at the front of the vehicle. the car and rear fenders, in order to significantly reduce the invoice note.

As a reminder, the Bugatti Divo is a special version of the Chiron, produced in 40 copies. It is powered by a W16 8l developing 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 Nm of torque. Its base price is 6,000,000 euros.

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