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There are two types of puddles that can form as a result of heavy rainfall. A small puddle that splashes passers-by when you roll in or the miniature lake.

In this video, captured at Nottinghamshare, UK, it is in this second configuration that the driver of the Jaguar F-Pace finds himself. And yet that’s not what seems to worry him more than that, unless he simply misjudged the depth of this pool of water.

Big consequences for the SUV

VIDEO Its confirmed the Jaguar F Pace is not an - VIDEO - It's confirmed, the Jaguar F-Pace is not an amphibious vehicle - Autonews

Illustrative photo – Jaguar F-Pace Photo Credit – Jaguar

This little swim in the middle of the ducks risks leaving traces on the British SUV. Indeed, after getting stuck in the middle of the puddle, the driver restarts his vehicle and just hearing the noise, it is not complicated to understand that it is not good at all.

It is also specified in the description of the video that the engine has undergone a hydrolock. So even if the car may have been taken out of there, the repairs are expected to be significant and the bill may be steep. This motorist is sure to think twice before hitting himself again in a large pool of water like this.