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We went to Patricia's kitchen in Sousville, in Isère, to discover the brouquetons recipe. A Matheysine specialty that goes perfectly with the famous Murçon, a cooking sausage, a charcutière specialty from La Mure.

Patricia Luyat is a follower of Matheysine cuisine. She is also part of the brotherhood of Murçon which promotes the specialties of the plateau and the surrounding townships. She welcomed us to her home to introduce us to the recipe for brouquetons, a specialty made from potatoes and onions to be enjoyed cooked in water, fried or au gratin.

What you need

1 kg of potatoes
500 g flour
350 g onions
2 eggs
50 + 25 g butter
Salt and pepper

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Ingredients for the Matheysin brouquetons recipe

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The steps of the recipe

Cook the potatoes in water with the skin on. Then peel them and mash them with the butter.
Brown the onions with 25 g of butter. They should turn blond, but not too much otherwise they will turn bitter.
Let the ingredients cool then add to the mash, the onions, the beaten eggs, the salt, the pepper and finally the flour gradually, while kneading.
Form a very supple dough.
Then shape into small quenelles. Not too big "otherwise they will not cook well inside"says Patricia.
The brouquetons can be eaten poached in water, fried or au gratin.

Everyone has their own recipe

The recipe made by Patricia in front of France 3 cameras is the one chosen by the members of the Murçon brotherhood. But on the set, depending on the families, the recipe can vary a bit. At Anne's, for example, we do not put onions in the brouquetons but only the butter that was used to cook them. The butter is filtered and added to the dough. Still others use garlic instead of onion.

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