Just because you’re riding an SUV doesn’t mean you can get into the water without taking precautions.

The Jaguar F-Pace is a premium family SUV, rival of the Porsche Macans and other Audi Q5s. As such, it has a chassis and ground clearance to venture off the beaten track. But this is not a real all-rounder: to make real crossing behind the wheel of this luxury machine, generally used in town and on the motorway, it will be better to take some precautions.

Video of the drowned F-Pace

The driver of this black F-Pace, he did not take any before jumping into a portion of the road submerged with a good depth of water. And things go wrong when the SUV comes to a halt in the middle of the passage, plagued with mechanical issues.

Good for the breakage?

The F-Pace finally manages to get out of the water, before experiencing other problems while spewing white smoke through the exhaust. A priori, this passage was sufficient to cause major damage to the engine and the electronic circuits of the vehicle. According to the description of the video, the car must have been scrapped after this incident.