This is particularly stupid behavior while driving a Tesla.

As you know, Tesla brand automobiles have a very practical option for those who travel long distances behind the wheel of their electric car: the Autopilot. In its latest versions, this system allows true semi-autonomous driving, which detects speed limits, traffic lanes and other vehicles very well.

Young driver sleeping video

We are still far from 100% autonomous driving, but Tesla’s system is already working very well. However, it requires you to keep your hands on the steering wheel in all circumstances, without ever being able to transfer responsibility from the driver to the vehicle. A fundamental principle that this young American driver deliberately ignores, who wanted at all costs to film himself sleeping at the wheel of his Tesla.

Dangerous behavior

He found himself on a highway sleeping while the car was traveling with the Autopilot. He even pushes the vice to sit in the back seats, while a friend remains in the front passenger seat. Anything big …