VIDEO – Formula 1 – "Put …. of his race!" When the Ferrari driver is tired of his team – L'Indépendant

Ferrari driver Charles Leclec spoke of his frustration this Sunday at the Belgian Grand Prix when his team was not ready to change his tires as he returned to the pits.

In pole position and then in the lead from the first to the last lap, everything seems to be working out for the Briton Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) who won his fifth F1 Grand Prix without much adversity, out of seven run this season, this Sunday in Belgium.

The atmosphere was completely different at Ferrari, which has been accumulating blunders since the start of the season. The cruel lack of performance of the Scuderia cars causes the frustration of its drivers. 13th and 14th in qualifying, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel simply exchanged positions at the end of the race.

A race that the Monegasque Charles Leclerc would like to erase from his memory. He will have a hard time since his angry words released in the pits go around the web this Sunday evening. After a curse in Italian, he made his frustration speak when he saw that his team's mechanics weren't ready to change his tires after the Scuderia had just put him back into the pits. "Put … his race," he shouted into his radio. The problem is that now everything is filmed, broadcast and … recorded and that his anger did not go unnoticed this Sunday.

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