VIDEO Everyone in the kitchen: discover the recipe for the famous melon in salad by Cyril Lignac

Tonight, Cyril Lignac intends to treat us with a rather light entry. In the show All in the kitchen of the day, the famous chef made it possible to make a delicious melon in a salad. Enough to end the day on a rather balanced note.

Cyril Lignac's cooking show is a real box. Aware that the closure of restaurants may disrupt the daily lives of many French people, the former juror of Top chef threw All in the kitchen. A program toassist viewers in their preparation of the evening meal. This is how, each evening, the famous chef shares his quickest and simplest recipes with his most loyal admirers. Accompanied by Jérôme Anthony, 3 anonymous families and a surprise guest, the restaurateur promises to prepare a menu for 4 people, all in less than an hour. A challenge that he succeeds brilliantly every day of the week. After discovering the recipe for homemade chicken nuggets in the evening yesterday, Cyril Lignac accompanies us in the making a succulent melon in a salad.

Here is the list of ingredients:

● 1 melon cut in 2, seeded and peeled
● 1 heart of washed lettuce
● 1 small handful of roasted and salted crushed peanuts
● 50g of sherry vinegar
● 100g of olive oil
● 2 tablespoons of hazelnut or walnut or rapeseed oil
● fleur de sel and freshly ground pepper

Before starting, cut the melons into thin slices.

Step 1: mixing

In a salad bowl, mix the sherry vinegar with the olive oil and the hazelnut oil.

Step 2: seasoning

Place the lettuce heart in a bowl or a shallow dish, place the thin slices of melon in the leaves and season with vinaigrette, fleur de sel and pepper. Sprinkle with peanuts.

Step 3: for more taste …

You can add burrata or goat cheese if you wish.

Your evening entry is already ready! If you followed the steps to the letter, only 10 minutes will be enough to make this dish. Bon appétit and see you tomorrow for a new recipe!

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