For some reason, the driver of a Tesla Model 3 was targeted by a gunman in another car. The outcome is miraculous.

In your life as a motorist, you have undoubtedly happened to exchange a few names of birds with other drivers on the road. Maybe even to have almost come to blows. But a priori, you have not suffered this kind of attack.

Video of the shots on the Tesla

Filmed by the automatic cameras of a Tesla Model 3, this sequence shows the electric sedan moving on a highway somewhere in the United States. Next to it in the left lane, a GMC Envoy SUV passes it. But as the vehicle is level with the Tesla, the passenger side window rolls down: someone pulls out a pistol and fires in the direction of the Model 3!

A miracle

The Tesla has four bullet holes on its body, including two on the driver’s door. Fortunately, the bullets were stopped by the mechanisms in the door and did not hit the driver. Was it an assassination attempt or just the behavior of a madman eager for revenge after a maneuver by the driver of the Tesla that would have pissed him off? In any case, the video allows the SUV’s license plate to be read, and the police are investigating.