When this BMW X5 fell back directly (and voluntarily?) On a Tesla, the latter’s electronic aids saved the two drivers from the accident.

Why so much hatred towards Tesla drivers? In the United States, some indeed seem particularly upset against the owners of these famous electric cars of the brand dear to Elon Musk. Between those who absolutely hate electric cars and those who refuse to stay behind a Tesla, there are quite often very uncomfortable scenes on American roads.

And this is again the case in this sequence recorded by the automatic cameras of a Tesla Model 3. We see a second generation BMW X5 arriving behind the Tesla, then veering sharply towards its lane to pass in front of the Tesla in making him a masterful fishtail.


Taking into account the maneuver, the accident could probably only have been avoided thanks to the driving aids of the Tesla, which decided with a steering wheel to avoid the collision with the German SUV. The Tesla driver is convinced that the BMW X5 driver did it on purpose.