We challenge you to be so responsive the day a big German premium SUV rolls past your wheels, in total loss of control.

The driving license exam does not teach you how to get rid of the most difficult situations in everyday life, where you have to make a decision in a few tenths of a second to avoid an accident.

Video of the X6 in distress

For example, if you are driving in thick snow and the road becomes very slippery, you should ideally be able to anticipate the problems of other drivers. And here’s a perfect example of that in a video from Russia that shows the driver of a black BMW X6 in a very complicated position.

The right reflex

Seeing the SUV arrive in total glide on the road, unable to control its trajectory, the driver immediately has the reflex to activate the reverse gear of his vehicle. He backs up calmly and thus avoids the accident. Good game !