VIDEO All in the kitchen: Cyril Lignac strongly reframed by Jean-Luc Lemoine on his recipe

Big clash this October 2 in Tous en cuisine, between Cyril Lignac and Jean-Luc Lemoine. The reason ? The name of a meatless "bolognese", which made the columnist Big Heads react a lot.

Since the beggining of the school year, Cyril Lignac and Jérôme Anthony are back in charge of All in the kitchen. A program that won over Internet users during confinement thanks to its very simple formula: make, from Monday to Friday, one or two recipes under the eye of the chef. To make the atmosphere more festive, celebrities and anonymous people are invited to participate in the show every day. Gad Elmaleh, Sloane, David Douillet, Sylvie Tellier, Camille Cerf, Iris Mittenaere, Djibril Cissé… Many stars have participated in All in the kitchen, and they continue to show their support for the show!

If Cyril Lignac will cede the antenna to Philippe Etchebest for Top Chef objective from next October 12, the judge of Best Pastry Chef still has a few shows ahead on M6. On October 2, it was therefore with some joy that he welcomed Jean-Luc Lemoine and Isabelle Mergault from Big heads, to make a financier and a recipe for bolognese sauce, with vegetables. If Isabelle Mergault gave the chef difficulties during the preparation of the financier, it was with Jean-Luc Lemoine that the atmosphere became electric for the second recipe. The reason ? The name of the plate, which rings false for the former columnist of Do not touch My TV.

"For me, bolognese is with meat"

Usually it's meat! So you're doing whatever it takes Cyril. You're kind to tell us it's a Bolognese, but where's the promise?”, Launched the columnist who officiates on RTL. If Cyril Lignac laughed slightly at the question of his guest, the presenter tried to justify himself explaining that his recipe is without meat, and arguing that “it feels good not to eat meat all the time”. An observation shared by Jean-Luc Lemoine, who however informed the chef that the name of the recipe is therefore misleading for him, and that he would prefer to call it "the lignacquette”. All of a sudden, Isabelle Mergault intervened to give her opinion. “For me, bolognese is with meat”, She launched. Enough to warm up Cyril Lignac, who answered very coldly: “don't start Isabelle”. “Honestly, I like you a lot Cyril but if we start to call bolognese meatless stuff, it's gonna be a mess”, Added Jean-Luc Lemoine. What finally convince the presenter of All in the kitchen, who admitted not without difficulty “good, ok”, Before moving on!

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